It's Time To Live Your Vision

Welcome to the PERSIST movement! In Dr. Lee's newest book he debunks the Top 10 Excuses people use to justify quitting on their dream.


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"For the last ten years of my life my work has been focused on how to help others actualize the vision they have inside of them. This journey has taken me from the operation room in surgical training, to lecture halls, to interviewing some of the highest achievers I know. All I have learned, I have placed in this book.

What makes this book different is the head on attack of the Top Ten Excuses that are holding people back from exercising their personal power. These are things like thoughts of Fear, Self-Doubt, Timing, and Comfort. 

Everything in this book I have tested and applied in my life whether it be in the operating theater, flying a combat mission, or high-stakes business negotiations

These principles have changed my life. I'm certain,  if you are brave enough to apply them, your life will change as well."

-Dr. Lee 

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"PERSIST wonderfully demonstrates what business and social-science research have validated. It is the attitude brought to the struggle that determines if you win or lose—are successful or not. This book should be read by every young person—especially those who feel the world is against them, those who believe they are not smart enough, and those who contemplate just giving up. "

Colonel Clarence R. (Reggie) Williams
USAF (retired)

"Dr. Lee has hit the nail on the head and eliminated EVERY excuse imaginable! Dr. Lee has personally helped me overcome some of my limiting beliefs and this book reaffirms lessons he's taught me. Definitely a MUST-READ!"

Otis Amey
former NFL wide receiver, collegiate Hall of Famer, and Motivational Speaker

"Dr. Lee does it again! This time with the prescription on how to break through! A must-read for anyone looking for the proper dose of not only inspiration but more importantly the application and strategy behind what actually creates successful outcomes. Dr. Lee does an incredible job delivering what’s needed strategically through key points, story, and experience in a practical, easy-to-digest manner. If you need to get past struggles or simply want to achieve higher levels of success and don’t know what to do next, read Persist; you will break through"

Ernesto Benavides
entrepreneur and best-selling author of Proving You Possible and Fit Life

It's Time To Live Your Vision

JOIN the PERSIST movement! In Dr. Lee's newest book he debunks the Top 10 Excuses people use to justify quitting on their dream.


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